今年のRock God Dam 2013は、4つのライブハウスで同時開催します。4会場の往復は自由、再入場は何度でも可能です。チケットの代わりとなるリストバンドを手首に付けて、2日間を自由に楽しんでください。

This year Rock God Dam 2013 will be held in four venues at the same time. You are free to come and go and you can reenter as many times as you like. In exchange for your ticket you will receive a wristband that allows you entry into all four venues listed below. Have fun for the two days!

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Modeled on Buenos Aires which is said to be the Paris of South America, Vuenos is a spacious, two floor atrium style music venue that provides quality sound with great power from the huge speakers installed in the four corners underneath the main floor. It is a perfect place to dance! A VIP room is also available.





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This well established club which is symbolic of Shibuya is celebrating its 30th anniversary. The chic decor features chandeliers that beam down red and black lights which are reminiscent of the 1970s pubs in the West of America. The logo was inspired from an actual hotel in New York city where many famous artists lived in the past. When you enter Shibuya’s Chelsea Hotel, stuffed deer greet you on your way in!






2003年にオープンしたRuby RoomはかつてはSugar Highという名で知られ、当時はMassive Attack, Richard D. Jamesなどといった有名DJ達がよく見かけられていたという。25,000枚もの宝石のような小さな鏡のかけらで飾られたバーカウンターが魅力的で、充実したアルコールと共にゆったりとした大人の時間が楽しめる。

The Ruby Room opened in 2003 under its original name Sugar High. It has seen famous DJs perform through the years; such as Massive Attack, Richard D. James. The bar counter in Ruby Room is decorated with small mirrors that looks like pieces of jewelry. It is an attractive space where people can enjoy a drink and some quality time.



LA MAMA    Only Saturday!!!!


1982年にオープンした老舗ライブハウス。過去にはMr Childrenが専属バンドとして所属し、後にプロデューサーを務める小林武史と対面をした場所という歴史もある。演劇やコントの公演も行っており、「ステージハウス」と呼ばれることが多い。

La Mama is a long established club which opened in 1982. It was the venue where the band Mr Children used to play as a house band. Vuenos holds theater shows and short plays. It is also known as the House, and conducts joint projects with ROCK GOD DAM 2013, with the promotion and support of artists and the venues event.